125 trucks in our fleet

1954 we opened for business

3 Offices in Western Canada

We’re always improving our services and keeping our customer’s needs in mind

Over the years, we’ve modified our livestock trailers to improve efficiency. Our trailers are fully equipped with winter boards; therefore, we can haul a variety of livestock using the same trailer. Our goal is to keep our empty miles down to a minimum to help decrease costs for our customers.

Our fleet services both Canada and the United States. Marcel Roberge, his three sons and supporting staff, dispatch out of Lloydminster, AB. Eugene Roberge, his two sons and supporting staff, dispatch out of Moose Jaw, SK. At Roberge Transport, we take pride in knowing that a “Roberge” is available at all times.

Dispatch is provided 24/7/ 365.

A few words about Roberge Transport

We have a long-standing tradition of customer satisfaction, which played a key role in our survival and success through major situations like BSE.

“It’s our customers who, after more than 60 years of working together, remained loyal and stuck with us through the ups and the downs, as well as the new customers who gave us a chance,” says Marcel and Eugene Roberge, co-owners of Roberge Transport.

In 1954, Art and Wilf Roberge started Roberge Transport with one truck. Since then, the company has grown and seen many changes. Art was known for saying, “Our drivers are to treat the livestock like they own them, because once they are loaded onto the trailer, essentially they do own them.”

With the principles and guidelines established in 1954, our entire team can look back with pride and to the future with excitement.

Interested in working for Roberge Transport? We’re always looking for key members to join our team.